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Why We Love Waterstones

When you visit a physical Waterstones, there’s something quite magical about it. All of those books piled up everywhere, all those stories waiting to be read, all those emotions waiting to be felt – the sharing of human thoughts and ideas through writing is probably the closest we’ve ever come to magic. Visiting their website incites that very same feeling of excitement as you browse through all of the books that you might soon order. Browsing through books is a thrilling experience regardless of how you do it and Waterstones has one of the largest selections of books available. With our Waterstones voucher codes, their products can be made more affordable.


The great thing about books is that they cover so many needs. Looking for something to entertain you? Try a nice novel! Looking to find out more about a people or community? A piece of non-fiction will broaden your mind. Do you want to learn how to do something new? You’ll find a plethora of guides available for you. Do you want a good laugh? There’ll be tonnes of joke and novelty books just waiting to be read. Even if you’re shopping for somebody else, giving a book isn’t just giving a book. Every book is different and depending on what you’ve given, the effect and impression will be quite different too. Let me tell you something else that will be different: the price – if you remember to enter our Waterstones promo codes when you get to the check out!



Shopping with Waterstones

They’ve actually broadened their selection beyond just books recently and you’ll now find a few toys, CDs, DVDs and even video games at Waterstones – however, these will all be connected to a book in some way, so they’ve not lost their focus. If you were thinking of diving into a new book, here are a few popular releases:

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  • The Girl on the Train
  • Dan Brown’s Inferno

How many of them have you read? If the answer is “zero” you should get ordering right away! But, don’t feel limited to the most popular releases – take a look through the more obscure titles, you might find and underrated gem or two! Whatever you decide to do to fill that eternal hunger for reading, don’t forget to use our Waterstones discount codes so that you can get a bit of money off your purchases.


Waterstones on Social Media

Want a way to keep up to date with all the latest books and when they’re going to be released? Perhaps you would like to follow Waterstones on social media. Here are the links to their accounts:

Also be sure that you keep checking back at Voucheroo – it would be a real shame if you missed out on a fantastic offer that could have gotten you some wonderful books at a lower price.