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Voucheroo Voucher & Discount Codes

Shopping with voucher codes in the UK just got easier – we have collected all the latest and greatest voucher codes so that you can get a good deal when you’re shopping online.


Choose from thousands of retailers, brands, restaurants, and other merchants, and see whether you can save on your favourite treats, gifts, gadgets or holiday getaways. Use our codes to treat yourself (or someone special) and get more out of your shopping today.


We are passionate about people being able to afford more, and have more fun, when they are out looking for deals – after all, saving money should be fun. Browse our promo and discounts codes now to see how much you could be saving.

What’s so great about voucher codes?

Voucher codes mean that you can spend less money on everyday shopping, cutting back on living costs by saving money on your monthly groceries or essential items for the home. Lots of the big supermarkets like Tescos and Sainsburys now offer online shopping vouchers, and many other home retailers like Wilkos have followed suit.


Voucher codes are also available for shops like Argos and Currys, and can help you save money on bigger household goods and electrical appliances. These vouchers are great because they help you save on larger items and purchases, and can make a big difference to your bank balance at the end of the month.


Don’t forget to check out our vouchers for all your favourite tech and gadget stores too – and we even have vouchers for phone and broadband providers.


Promo codes are also a great way to give yourself  exciting new experiences like taking a last-minute spa trip with an online spa voucher, or even bagging a more affordable holiday or mini break with holiday promo codes.


Here are some reasons why people use voucher codes:


  • Experience more – great discounts when you book online for spa breaks and hotel getaways
  • Free delivery vouchers so you don’t have to pay annoying delivery costs when you shop
  • Free gifts and extra treats with your regular shop or order, including designer purses and exclusive products from some of Britain’s best-loved brands
  • Try out new products and services because of a new deal – you might find your new favourite thing
  • Seasonal deals and promotions mean that you can stock up on gifts and treats around key holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day
  • Save more money and have more fun shopping – that’s what voucher codes should be all about. Everyone loves a bargain!

What kind of deals and promotions can I expect from Voucheroo?

% off orders voucher codes

This is the most common type of voucher code – one which gives you a percentage off the price off your order. It could be 5%, 10%, 30%, 50% – it depends on the merchant and the product or service in question. Sometimes you have to hit a ‘minimum spend’ limit before the offer becomes valid – make sure you always check this carefully.

£ off discount codes

Not to be confused with the above, these codes will give you a set amount off your total bill, such as £10 off, rather than a percentage of the total cost. Again, there will probably be a minimum spend amount you have to reach in order to qualify.


“Buy one get one free” (BOGOF) discount codes

These discount codes are perfect for household items and things that you can buy in bulk. Sometimes this offer is also offered out in slight variations like “buy three, get the fourth one free”. Using this offer is a great way to stock up on your favourites.

Free shipping promo codes

The clue’s in the name – these codes are incredibly useful for saving money, especially if you are a regular online shopper. You will often find a code that offers free shipping in combination with a discount on the order – keep an eye out for those!

Complimentary gift card promo codes

Certain promo codes will enable you to earn free gift cards as a bonus from retailers when you buy a product or service from them.

New customer discount codes

Businesses are always looking to add new loyal customers to their flock, so there are often special coupon codes aimed at first-time buyers or new customers to the company. If this is you and you’re buying something from a new retailer for the first time, be sure to make use of this advantage.




How to use online voucher codes

Using voucher codes online is super simple – just follow the instructions at checkout and use the promo code provided on Voucheroo to see your promotion applied. During checkout, using your voucher code often comes before you enter your delivery details, but it does depend on the merchant. You may be able to use more than one voucher code – in that case, you have to copy them over separately.

Having problems using online voucher codes?

Make sure that you have copied the voucher code over correctly and that you’ve qualified for the deal.


Remember, there may be minimal spend conditions you have to meet, or certain items may not be included in the promotional offer. Always read the small print and double check that the voucher you’re using is still valid.


Customer service representatives can help you if you’re not sure why a voucher isn’t working for you.

Voucheroo-verified money saving hacks

Be aware of timing

Did you know that a lot of stores bring out their best deals and discounts on Wednesday-Friday? True story. Depending on what you’re looking for, do your research first. For certain products, the timing of sales will change.


  • If you’re buying plane tickets, there is only 24 hours difference between the cheapest day to buy them (Sunday) and the most expensive (Monday).
  • Book stores usually roll out their deals on Saturdays to target weekend shoppers, and major computer retailers favour Tuesdays.


It all depends on when shoppers are generally most active in looking for certain products, and how stores can benefit from that.

Combine coupon codes

Naturally, we are going to suggest that you always search for coupons before you make an online purchase. And of course, we would highly recommend ourselves.


Vouchers and promo codes are available from all sorts of retailers, whether small merchants or much larger chain stores. Not all websites allow you to combine multiple coupon codes, but if they do, then use them strategically. You must input them in the right order – for example, if you have a % discount code and a £ off code, use the discount code first to subtract the biggest percentage from the overall price, then use the £ off code to get a greater saving.

Use social networks and mailing lists

It’s a good idea to ‘like’ all of your favourite stores on Facebook and other social media, as many of them use these pages as the first place to announce their special deals. Join their mailing lists as well, and you will probably find that you get various coupons and offers delivered straight to your inbox. Ka-ching.

Comparison shop

There is a great range of product and price comparison sites out there now, so take your pick. Never buy an item without checking if you could get the very same thing elsewhere for a lower price first. Never.

Seek out free shipping

Shipping can often catch you out when making a purchase, making the overall bill much more expensive, especially for larger items. At the very least, shop around for free shipping coupons and codes. There are plenty of them available, especially for the more well-established merchants.

Leave products in the cart

Try this – add some products to your online cart one day, and then leave. Make sure you are signed in to your account when you do this. Leave the items in there for one or two days and see what happens. Not only is this a good way to stop yourself from buying items on impulse, but also what you may well find is that the merchant will send you a coupon or offer a better price to try and close the deal.