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Why We Love Treatwell

Treatwell will treat you well… Or at least they’ll point you in the direction of other people who will. It’s important to get away from the stresses from everyday life every now and again. So rarely do people realise the importance of self-love, but it’s businesses like Treatwell which give people the avenue through which to arrange a day dedicated to themselves and nobody else. It’s lovely. We all need a spa day sometimes! With Treatwell, you can book spa and beauty treatments at a variety of venues and our Treatwell promo codes can help to make them more affordable for  a larger group of people.

Formerly known as Wahanda, Treatwell provide all kinds of options for people who want to relax or experience a little bit of beauty treatment. Are you looking to book a haircut sometime soon? Maybe you want to try something completely new? A complete makeover! Well, with Treatwell you can book haircuts and hairdressing at a variety of locations. Speaking of hair, perhaps you’re in the mood for a waxing? It’s always nice when your skin is silky to touch. There are several different kinds of waxing services available and that applies to both women and men. But what if you wanted something a little more peaceful than having hair ripped off your body? Well, you can also book massages and full spa breaks! When you get money off Treatwell with a Treatwell coupon, you’re opening up the doors to lots of wonderful and exciting things .



Booking With Treatwell

When you come to the Treatwell website, you’ll instantly see that they have an easy menu at the top of the screen which lists all of the different kinds of services available to book: hair, hair removal, nails, face, massage, body and spa days. If any of those are things that you feel a little self-conscious about, perhaps booking in a day to do up your nails or hair (for example) could give you a real confidence boost! You can book things across the country. Here are some of the more popular locations:

  • Greater London
  • Greater Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Glasgow

All you have to do is enter your postcode and then Treatwell will find you the nearest possible place for you to arrange whatever it is you’re after. Before you do book anything though, make sure that you don’t forget to use our Treatwells coupon codes!



Treatwell on Social Media

Want to know about all the latest treatments available for booking? Be sure to follow Treatwell on social media:

They’re pretty active, as you can see. While you may find it easier to get all of the latest Treatwell promotions directly from us, it’s still worth you following them on social media, just so that you can keep up with all the latest treatments you can book.

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