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Why We Love Showcase Cinemas De Lux

Showcase Cinemas is a (you guessed it) cinema chain that can be found throughout the country. They’re a popular cinema and many people enjoy visiting them. They offer an experience which is pretty special. But what’s Showcase Cinemas De Lux? Well, they take the fantastic experience of Showcase Cinemas and they make it even better and offer a service which can only really be described as “deluxe.” If you’re a big cinema fan and are really serious about film, Showcase Cinemas De Lux is really worth checking out because it’s not your average cinema experience. I know what you’re thinking “I can barely afford the cinema as it is, let alone a special deluxe package!” but don’t worry my friends, we have for you an excellent selection of Showcase Cinemas De Lux voucher codes which are sure to help you save some money if you decide that this is something you’d like to try.


But what is it? How is Showcase Cinemas De Lux any better than Showcase Cinemas De Normal? Well, it’s better in a lot of ways. The films are all shown in the “Director’s Hal” which is quite different to the other film halls. First of all, you have to be older than eighteen to enter the Director’s Hall, which means you won’t have to put up with any noisy kids. Second of all, you don’t have regular old cinema chairs to sit on in the Director’s Hall – oh no – you’ve instead got extra wide leather seats which you can relax in. Gosh. So comfortable. Then after you’ve finished in the Director’s Hall you can go to the “Director’s Lounge” which is a lovely little bar which is exclusive to Showcase Cinemas De Lux customers. When you’re there you can order some delicious food for yourself while sipping on cocktails and champagne. It’s absolute heaven and imagine discussing a film with a friend in the Director’s Lounge. You can even have a concierge arrange a taxi for you when you leave – no walking home in a blizzard for you. Essentially, its the best cinema service you could ask for and our Showcase Cinemas De Lux discount codes can help you to get some money off this wonderful experience.



Booking with Showcase Cinemas De Lux

So you’re excited about this and keen to use our Showcase Cinemas De Lux voucher codes to nab yourself a luxurious bargain. Where is Showcase Cinemas De Lux available? Check out their three key locations to find out:

  • Bristol
  • Derby
  • Leicester

It may not be a huge list, but even if those places are quite far away from you, it’s such an amazing experience that it’s worth travelling for. If anything, travelling for it helps to make everything feel even more special. It’s always great when things like Showcase Cinemas De Lux promo codes can help you to get money off fantastic services like these.


Showcase Cinemas on Social Media

While they may not have any social media accounts specifically dedicated to Showcase Cinemas De Lux, its still worth folowing their main accounts to ensure you’ve got a nice way to keep up with all the latest film news. Here are the links to their accounts:

Then if you want a way to specifically keep up to date with the latest Showcase Cinemas De Lux promotions, you can keep checking back to this page. We won’t miss anything, we promise.