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Why We Love Rice Digital

When you visit their site, you can tell right away that Rice Digital is a business which truly shares a passion for the things they’re selling. As well as offering all the latest video games, DVDs and action figures, they also have a huge archive of articles written about different pieces of Japanese media. Sometimes they cover Nintendo, sometimes they cover Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and other times they cover Dragon Ball Z. It’s all the biggest names from Japan and it’s clear that Rice Digital really do care about these products. It’s really lovely to see people selling things which they honestly and truly care about. With the help of our Rice Digital voucher codes, you can get some money off your next Rice purchase.


What’s so appealing about Rice Digital is the fact that their approach is both quite precise and quite broad at the same time. They don’t just cover video games, they cover all video games created by Japanese developers (which is a lot) and then they also cover anime, manga and figures of popular characters created by Japanese developers. It’s like the whole site was made in appreciation of the Japanese culture and their range of products can only help to provide passionate fans with a dedicated site just for their passions. It’s admirable, and if you are interested in buying something from Rice Digital, be sure to use our Rice Digital coupons in order to get the best possible deal for yourself.


Shopping with Rice Digital

Rice Digital offers all the latest and most popular pieces of media. If you’d like to know, more specifically, about the things they have for sale, check out this handy overview list:

  • Steins Gate
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • BlazBlu
  • Persona
  • Senran Kagura
  • Hyperdimension
  • Hatsune Miku
  • Final Fantasy

Lots of very popular names there, as you can see! A lot of those franchises are tough to come across in a lot of shops, so it’s much easier for you to just head over to Rice Digital and order from there. Saves you hunting through every other game and entertainment shop you can find. When you do decide to order something from Rice Digital, be sure to use our Rice Digital voucher codes in order to get the lowest possible price for yourself.


Rice Digital on Social Media

Rice Digital are incredible on social media, always sharing funny images and videos. Their Pro-Gamer series on YouTube is definitely worth checking out. For more information, here are the links:

They’re a great source of information on all of the exciting new releases in Japan too. If you ever come across something which you find especially exciting and so want to buy right away, be sure to use our Rice Digital discount codes to ensure that you get a good deal.