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Why We Love National Trust

The National Trust do their best to preserve historical landmarks throughout the country. How often have you visited an absolutely beautiful old castle and been completely absorbed in excitement for its history? Probably quite a few and probably the main reason that you were still able to visit that castle would have been the National Trust taking steps to preserve it. It’s not just historical buildings either, but also landscapes and countryside. This service is honestly to the benefit of us all – these magnificent pieces of architectural mastery would be washed away by the tides of time were it not for the National Trust and thousands of people would have been robbed of their opportunity to marvel at such beauties. The same can be said of all the natural landscapes they’ve protected: our countryside is not a renewable resource and if any of these places had been destroyed so that a factory could be built (for example) we would no longer be able to enjoy them. As all of nature contributes to the wellbeing of the world as a whole, you could honestly call the National Trust a credit to humanity. Through their site you can buy souvenir and book visits to these special locations and with our National Trust voucher codes, you can save a bit of money when you do.


There are so many different landmarks which have been preserved by the National Trust and you can book visits to them through their website. When you visit a National Trust site, not only are you experiencing something magical for yourself and potentially broadening your understanding of history, but you’re also helping them to keep protecting these places. Similarly, if you ever decided to buy one of their lovely souvenirs (like some stationery or cups) the money they generate from that purchase will also go to the preservation of their sites. With the help of our National Trust coupon codes, you can help to support this noble cause without spending too much yourself.



Booking with the National Trust

If you’d like to join the National Trust you would be able to support them regularly while also gaining cheaper admittance to their sites. Since you might be able to get this for even less with our National Trust promo codes, you might be keen to see a list of their popular locations:

  • The Blickling Estate
  • Lacock Abbey
  • Woolacombe
  • Colby Woodland Garden
  • Avebury Stones
  • Marsden Moor Estate

That’s just a small handful of the places they’ve helped to keep safe and there really are loads of them throughout the country. It’s very inspiring. With the help of our National Trust coupons, you can save some good money when becoming a member, if you want to.



National Trust on Social Media

If you would like to follow the National Trust on social media, here is where to find them:

They’re really interesting people to follow. If you ever see something on social media that really make you want to join or arrange a visit, check here first to see if there are any ongoing National Trust promotions.