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Why We Love My M&M’s

M&M’s are one of the most popular brands of chocolate snacks. That perfect combination of a crispy shell, coupled with chocolate goodness and a lovely nut at the heart is absolutely delicious. You buy a small bag of M&M’s and before long you’ve eaten the whole thing. You buy an extra-large sharing bag and before long the same thing happens. You might think that M&M’s are just snacks and that they could never make an appropriate gift, but you’d be wrong. My M&M’s is a service which helps you to create your own customised M&M’s and a packet of these would make an absolutely wonderful, heartfelt gifts. You might worry that customised chocolates (especially branded ones like these) would end up costing you quite a lot, that’s why we’re happy to show you this list of fantastic My M&M’s voucher codes. Just enter them at the checkout and you can enjoy a nice reduction in the overall cost.


So how exactly are M&M’s customised? Well, you know how every individual sweet as that little “M” printed on it? My M&M’s gives you the opportunity to replace that “M” with whatever you see fit. Is a friend of yours having a hard time lately? Maybe they’d really appreciate a nice packet of M&M’s which all say “You’re the best!” on them? Or perhaps it would be quite fun for you give somebody a packet where each sweet had their photograph on it? That would be sure to get a laugh. You can mix them up too. Imagine how happy somebody would be if you handed them a packet of M&M’s where each one that they ate had funny picture on in joke on it? Everybody can get involved and have a laugh watching them eat through the packet. If you think that sounds like an absolutely wonderful idea, then use our My M&M’s coupon codes in order to get money off this wonderful service.



Shopping with My M&M’s

Are you wondering how you could best make use of our My M&M’s coupons? Well, the good news is that these kinds of gift would be ideal for any situation. Check out this list of all the different occasions they specifically cater to:

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • New Babies
  • Business

What better way to celebrate your love or to make an impact at work, than by giving out some custom M&M’s? This is the kind of thing that you can get creative with and the most thought you put into it, the more fun and quirky your packet can be. If you do decide to use My M&M’s for whatever reason, make sure you don’t forget to use My M&M’s promo codes in order to ensure that you’re paying the lowest possible price.



M&M’s on Social Media

While the My M&M’s service is sadly lacking in a dedicated social media account, you might still be interested in following the main M&M’s account on Facebook. Here is the link:

It’s a good way to fill your newsfeed with lots of chocolatey goodness. But if all you’re after is the latest My M&M’s promotions, keep coming back to this page and we’ll keep you updated.