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Why We Love Megabus

When people have a long journey coming up, they probably don’t think about travelling by coach. If, for example, somebody needed to get from London to Glasgow, they would probably start looking at train and plane tickets, but actually, travelling by coach could be a fantastic option for anybody who is stuck with quite a strict budget. Sure, it may take a little longer to get somewhere on a coach, but the difference in price is honestly phenomenal. It’s thanks to Megabus that this cheap alternative mode of transportation is available and it’s fantastic to see an option for those who do not have much money to spare. This could prove to be a key aspect in taking a budget, local holiday! Plus, while Megabus might already offer a low cost service, our Megabus discount codes can help to save you even more money.


If you’re going to travel a long way, isn’t a coach quite a nice vehicle to be inside? If you travel by plane you don’t have much to look out of the window at and you just now it’s going to get all hot and uncomfortable. On a coach, there’s plenty to see through the window and you’ll feel nice and airy thanks to the air conditioning. But then again, if you’d prefer to travel by train, that’s something else that you can book through Megabus. Trains may be a little more expensive, but they’re useful if you’re in a hurry and you’ve still got something nice to look at through the windows too. Thanks to Megabus you can book national (and even international) journeys on bus or train and our Megabus discount codes can help to make everything they offer a lot more affordable. This is the ideal mode of travel for people on a small budget.



Booking with Megabus

When you travel with Megabus, you can reach a large range of popular destinations. Megabus promo codes help you to reach any of these places on a budget. Check out this list of the top routes available through Megabus:

  • London to Glasgow
  • Glasgow to London
  • Oxford to London
  • London to Oxford
  • Oxford to Cambridge
  • Cambridge to Oxford
  • Plymouth to London
  • London to Plymouth
  • Bristol to London
  • London to Bristol
  • York to Manchester
  • Manchester to York

As you can see, they take great efforts to connect all of the big UK cities. Excitingly their travel even extends beyond the UK, if you need it to. So wherever you’re planning to go and for whatever reason, Megabus coupons can help to save you money on a range of journeys throughout the year, January to December.



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