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Why We Love Malmaison

Some hotel services are a bit basic. They’re essentially just “Right. Here’s your room. That’s it. Bye.” But Malmaison go out of their way to do a little better and to offer an absolutely superb and comprehensive hotel experience. They really are ideal for just about any occasion. Often we may leave it along time without taking the time to book in a little getaway for ourselves, but these little getaways are important for our mental wellbeing and we mustn’t avoid treating ourselves for too long. If you can’t afford to book a little getaway for a few days, that’s very sad (you deserve one) but have you tried looking over our Malmaison promo codes? They can help you to get a little bit of money off your booking and could hopefully be the difference between not being able to do anything and enjoying a discount getaway.


So what exactly does Malmaison offer to set themselves above other hotels? Well, first of all they offer business conference rooms. If you’re planning a business trip or meeting, it could be a good idea for you to book in here as you know that there will be an appropriate place for you to discuss things. But, if you want something that’s as far removed from the business world as possible, you can book a lovely spa stay for yourself. This could be a wonderful way for you and a significant other to spend a romantic weekend. Meanwhile, their restaurants are also an absolute delight and you can book yourself a nice big three course meal. Imagine enjoying a nice big meal with your partner before retiring to your room and chatting long into the night. Those are the kind of experiences which make life worth living. With a little help from our Malmaison voucher codes, you could soon be enjoying a stay in one of these hotels without having to spend quite as much.



Booking with Malmaison

If you’ve decided that Malmaison will be the perfect place to turn for a weekend getaway, take a look over some of their most popular locations to help you get an idea of where you might spend the weekend:

  • Aberdeen
  • Cheltenham
  • Reading
  • Glasgow
  • Manchester
  • Leeds

If any of those sound like the ideal location for your ideal break (or business meeting), be sure to use our Malmaison coupon codes to make your booking on a budget. This is the best way to enjoy everything Malmaison offers without having to stretch your budget too much.



Malmaison on Social Media

If you would like to follow Malmaison on social media, this is where you will find their accounts:

It’s an easy way to keep up with all the latest goings on in the Malmaison world. Anytime you feel inspired to book after seeing a social media post, be sure to come back here to check for any Malmaison promotions first.