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Why We Love Hungry Horse

The Hungry Horse is a fantastic place to go for dinner with family and friends or even just to go out for a few drinks. It’s one of these places that manages to perfectly balance being both a pub and a restaurant without either aspect suffering. Their food is really top of the range: the whole menu is absolutely fantastic and if you ever get dinner at the Hungry Horse, you’re not likely to be disappointed! There are vegetarian options among the items on the menu, which helps to increase the overall appeal and make them an even more attractive choice for your next dinner out. But, hey, even if you don’t like eating out very much, a few quite drinks out with your friends could an equally as valuable experience. the Hungry Horse is great for a budget night out because their menu is not too expensive, but even so, the Hungry Horse promo codes can help to make their low prices go even lower. Everybody deserves a good deal!


Furthermore, if you like a little bit of entertainment while you eat, the Hungry Horse regularly has live music playing during your visit. Their line ups regularly include lots of local artists and tribute brands, so it’s nice to see lesser known musicians cast into the limelight. But even if you’re not too fond of live music, you can just come a little earlier in the day and avoid it. It’s option which is there if you want it, but not something which will be forcibly thrust upon you. It all varies depending on the individual locale too, so make sure you do your research. Whatever sort of a night you’re after, the Hungry Horse can provide it. To save money next time you eat there, make sure you use the Hungry Horse discount codes we have listed below.



Eating at Hungry Horse

Are you planning a night out for dinner? If so, you may be interested to see this list of the pub value family favourites that the Hungry Horse has to offer on their menu. See if this gets your mouth watering:

  • Sausages & Mash
  • Macaroni Cheese
  • Hand Battered Fish & Chips
  • 5 oz* Grilled Gammon
  • Chicken New Yorker
  • Whitby Wholetail Scampi
  • Oven Baked Beef Lasagne
  • British Beef & Ale Pie

Some very tasty foods there! Whatever tickles your fancy, don’t forget that you can save good money when you use the Hungry Horse voucher codes.



Hungry Horse on Social Media

If you want to keep up with the Hungry Horse, here is the link to their Facebook account:

So check there for any information about the opening of new Hungry Horses across the country, information on any changes to the menu and lots of other things like that. Also, make sure you keep coming back to this page so that you can ensure you never miss out on any of the latest Hungry Horse promotions.