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Why We Love Holiday Extras

Booking a holiday isn’t easy. We wish it were a simple case of getting a ticket, going there and enjoying yourself, but it’s not. Every part of the journey there, every part of the journey back and a great deal of the things you do while you’re there will be need to be meticulously planned beforehand. The amount of planning that you need to put into any holiday is probably enough to put quite a few people off altogether, which is really quite sad. We also deserve to have the opportunity to get away on holiday from time to time and we probably need it too, for the sake of our mental health. This is why we love Holiday Extras: they make it easier for you to book all those little ‘holiday extras’ which are pretty much essential to your enjoyment of your trip. It’s all those little things that some people might even forget about, but Holiday Extras covers all the bases. With the help of our Holiday Extras discount codes, you can get some good money off next time you’re paying for services like these.


Here’s question for you: How often do you buy travel insurance? And if you don’t, why don’t you? Travel insurance gives you that extra little bit of security and peace of mind. If you’re going on an international holiday and are going to be away for a few weeks, without a doubt you should get travel insurance. This is one of the many things available from Holiday Extras. It’s things like this that a lot of people don’t bother with, because after the time they’ve put into arranging the flights and hotels, they just don’t have the energy to deal with the hassle of organising all the little things. Holiday Extras helps to remove that hassle and when you use our Holiday Extra coupons, you can even organise it all at a reduced cost!



Booking with Holiday Extras

So what might a Holiday Extras coupon code get you money off? If you’re curious, here’s a useful list of the different services available to be booked through Holiday Extras. Check it out:

  • Airport Hotels
  • Airport Hotels with Parking
  • Airport Parking
  • Airport Lounges
  • Holiday Insurance
  • Holiday Insurance (+ Pre-existing Conditions)
  • Car Hire
  • Airport Transport

When you’ve just booked your flight and hotel, you don’t want to think about all of these things, but you should. Depending on what happens, they could honestly make the difference between a ruined holiday and a holiday which continues to run smoothly. With our Holiday Extras promo codes, it all becomes a little cheaper too.



Holiday Extras on Social Media

If you would like to find Holiday Extras on social media, here’s a link to their official Facebook page:

It’s a useful resource for travellers. Anytime they most something and it inspires you to start your next journey, make sure you check here first to see if you can save some money through any ongoing Holiday Extras offers.