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Why We Love Haven

Think of the classic British holiday. Staying in a lovely holiday caravan near the sea with your family. It may be ever so slightly more cramped than your home, but it’s exciting. This is all a part of the holiday experience and just thinking about those old caravans is sure to make a lot of people who have holidayed in England feel nice and nostalgic. It’s an experience which a lot of people will have shared and a lot of people will have loved. Isn’t this something you’d like to experience with your own children too? Everybody needs the opportunity to have a bit of a holiday every now and again. Haven offers a range of holiday parks throughout the UK, which would be the ideal getaway for a lot of families. A “local” holiday could be just the thing for anybody who has quite a strict budget and with the help of our Haven coupon codes, this hypothetical trip might actually become even more affordable.


Some people prefer caravans, some people prefer chalets: they each have their own appeal and with Haven you can choose whichever is best for you. They even have options from glamping, if that’s something you’re interested in. One thing’s for sure though: whatever you stay in, you’re sure to have a marvellous time thanks to Haven. With lots of centres based by the sea, beautiful beaches might be just a short walk away. Imagine it, getting up bright and early and crisp, warm summer’s morning. You walk down onto the beach and enjoy a peaceful stroll with the whole place to yourself. It sounds like absolutely heaven (and now that you mention it, there’s only a one letter difference between heaven and Haven..) Whatever kind of holiday you might be after, make sure you use our Haven promo codes in order to make the cost as low as possible. You won’t regret it.



Booking with Haven

Are you interested to know about the different Haven destinations? If so, check out this handy list and don’t forget that our Haven coupons can make visits to these locations more affordable:

  • Cala Gran, Blackpool
  • Golden Sands, Lincolnshire
  • Devon Cliffs, Devon
  • Perran Sands, Cornwall
  • Craig Tara, Scotland
  • Allhallows, Kent
  • Presthaven, North Wales

That’s just a small selection to give you an idea of the variety that they provide. There are Haven centres across the UK and if you’ve got that holiday bug, why not get booking right away? As it often said, you don’t need to travel across the world for a luxurious holiday when there are treasures at your doorstep. Whatever you decide to book, don’t forget to use our Haven discount codes in order to ensure that you’re not paying any more than you have to.



Haven on Social Media

If you’d like to check out Haven’s social media pages, here’s where to find them:

With so many places to follow them, it’s really easy to keep up with Haven. But if all you really want to know about is the latest Haven offers, bookmark this page and check back whenever you’re booking your next holiday.