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Why We Love Giraffe

The Giraffe World Kitchen is a fantastic chain of restaurants which are definitely worth checking out if you’ve never been before. What’s your favourite kind of cuisine? Well, whatever it is, the good news is that Giraffe probably have it included on their menu in some way. You see, what makes Giraffe unique is that they try to find the best meals from around the world and they bring them altogether in one place. It’s like a compilation CD of all your favourite artists, except instead of music, it’s delicious food. It would be strange for somebody to visit Giraffe and not find anything that they like because they have such a broad range. Whether your prefer burgers or burritos, samon or steak, rice or rigatoni, they’ve got it all at Giraffe. If you’re already watering at the mouth, then why not get booking right away? If you use our Giraffe voucher codes, you can get some nice bargains.


Just as their menu contains dishes from around the world, the design inside their restaurants reflects many different styles. It’s quite urban, but also rather homely. It’s alternative, but with hints of the traditional. There are lots of conflicting styles within Giraffe and while you might think that this sounds like a bad thing, you’d be wrong. Giraffe is a wonderful restaurant with a great atmosphere. It’s a great place to visit with friends, colleagues, your partner or anybody else you might like to take out to dinner. A good time is sure to be had by all. If you’d like to visit this wonderful restaurant but are worried that it might be a little bit too expensive for you, then be sue to use our Giraffe coupons when you book. They can help to make the whole experience a little more affordable.



Booking with Giraffe

Are you keen to use our Giraffe discount codes in order to book yourself a delicious dinner out? If so, you are doubtlessly wanting to know whereabouts these Giraffe restaurants are located. Check out this list of some of the most popular Giraffe locations:

  • Newcastle
  • Bromley
  • Portsmouth
  • Plymouth
  • Oxford
  • Aberdeen
  • Gatwick

Are any of those close enough to you? If not, no need to worry, there are many more besides those seven. Just go to their website and use their simple restaurant finding tool in order to find yourself the best location for you. Once you’ve found your nearest restaurant, be sure to use our Giraffe coupon codes in order to get the lowest possible price.



Giraffe on Social Media

Do you want to follow Giraffe on social media? If you do, here are the links to their accounts:

The good thing about following restaurants on social media is that it provides you with loads of photos of delicious foods. If you ever see something delicious at Giraffe and you want to visit right away, be sure to check Voucheroo first to see if there are any ongoing Giraffe promotions which could help you to save good money on your booking, because there probably will be.