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Why We Love the Family & Friends Railcard

Travelling is such a rewarding experience (even if you’re just travelling within the UK) and it doesn’t have to stop when you have kids. Travelling as a family can, if anything, be even more rewarding than travelling alone. When you have your children with you, it helps you to see all of the exciting places you visit through young and innocent eyes. It might help you to share in their wonder and have renewed appreciation for places and things that you’ve seen before. While you may have been somewhere before, going there again with your family might well prove to be the definitive experience for you. The Family & Friends Railcard is specifically designed to help make train travel more affordable to families and our Family & Friends Railcard coupons can help to make the railcard itself more affordable. You’re saving money on saving money, essentially.


Trains are probably one of the fastest and most convenient ways of travelling around the UK, but the problem is that it can often be a little on the expensive side. How many times do you travel by train a year? If it’s more than you could easily count, the Family & Friends Railcard is definitely going to help you out. The Family & Friends Railcard is a special kind of railcard which you can use for groups of up to four adults and four children at a time – that means that up to eight people could have the cost of their ticket reduced in one trip. It’s easy to see how the Family & Friends Railcard can easily save you more money than it costs and with the extra money you might save by using it, perhaps you’d be able to afford an extra trip or two? With the help of our Family & Friends Railcard promo codes, even the initial purchase can be made cheaper.



Using the Family & Friends Railcard

If you love the sound of the Family & Friends Railcard and are going to use a Family & Friends Railcard coupon code to get one at a lower price, you looking for inspiration for trips that you could take with it. The Family & Friends Railcard website provides information on several of the different kinds of trips that you might like to take. Here are a few of them:

  • Sea Life: London Aquarium
  • Circular Cruise Westminster
  • ArcelorMittal Orbit
  • Arsenal Stadium Tours & Museum
  • Ascot Racecourse

That’s just a small handful and on their site you’ll find information on all kinds of days out. It’s exciting to think of all the different things that a Family & Friends Railcard can make more affordable and it’s also exciting to think that you can get a Family & Friends Railcard for less thanks to our Family & Friends Railcard promo codes.



National Railcards on Social Media

While there is no dedicated account for the Family & Friends Railcard on social media, you might be interested to see the accounts for National Railcards as a whole. Here are the links:

Any updates about the Family & Friends Railcard are sure to appear there as well, along with information on the other railcards. If you’re only looking for information on the latest Family & Friends Railcard promotions, then just keep checking back to this page and that’s exactly what you’re going to find.