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Why We Love Butlins

Butlins is essentially the UK resort for fun family holidays. With three locations, all based by the sea, Butlins is sure to provide the perfect opportunity to unwind by the sea. Resorts like Butlins are always worth booking with because they make it so easy for you to try new things. When you just book in at a hotel in the location you want to take your holiday, the pressure to arrange activities falls on your own shoulders and, as a result, you sadly might end up not doing that much at all. At Butlins, meanwhile, they have all kinds of things to do on site. Whether you love listening to live music or want to have a bit of fun at a waterpark, you can do it all at Butlins. To help make your trip to Butlins that little bit more affordable, make sure you remember to use our Butlins voucher codes.


Sadly, a lot of people don’t get the opportunity to go on holiday that often, but it’s actually really important to get some time away from it all every now and then. A good holiday allows you to escape the stresses over everyday life and it helps you to get some perspective on your problems. It’s hard to be worried about the goings on down in your office when you’re sitting back in a swimming pool on a sunny afternoon. Plus, if you get the chance to go to Butlins with your family, these are the kind of memories that children will remember for the rest of their lives. In the future, when they’re working their nine to fives, they’ll look back at that holiday in Butlins to smile about. Experiences never die. So if a Butlins trip might be a little too expensive for you, take a look at our selection of Butlins discount codes to see whether any of them can help. The worst that can happen is that it’s still a bit too expensive, the best that can happen is that you might then be able to afford the trip of a lifetime! So take a quick look.



Booking with Butlins

So if you have decided that you would definitely like to use our Butlins coupons to arrange your next holiday, take a look over this list of their three different locations and decide which one will be best for you:

  • Bognor Regis
  • Minehead
  • Skegness

They’re all by the coast and all ideal destinations for holidaymakers. Which one will you choose? Regardless of your choice, head over to the Butlins website and start booking right away, the sooner you book it, the better! Just make sure that you don’t forget to enter our Butlins coupon codes when you get to the checkout. It’s always a big shame to miss out on the best deals.



Butlins on Social Media

To keep up to date with everything offered by Butlins, be sure to follow them on social media. Here are the links to their accounts:

Maybe if you’re not looking to book a holiday right now, following them would be a good way of making sure you don’t forget about them. When the time does come for you to book a holiday, you may see Butlins in your newsfeed and remember how great they looked, then you can rush back here, check out the latest Butlins offers and before long you’re enjoying a discount holiday.